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Love Local is a charitable trust sourcing and selling seasonal fruit and vegetables. These will be sourced locally wherever possible. Customers purchase from a range of boxes for a fixed price through an on-line ordering system. If you'd like to try us out, just visit our store!

Ideas for where we go with this!

We've put in a lot of effort to get where we are, but we haven't stopped moving.

We want to be responsive to our community of customers and volunteers ideas, to help us identify and shape future changes we make.

To assist us in that process, please submit your ideas and vote for others via our ideas management portal here:

We'd love to hear your thoughts! If you've any other feedback, please email, or call us on 03 928 5073 (local call) and leave a message.

Christmas pause, and Southland Express article

We're featured in the community section of the Southland Express this week! Check out the article here: entry on Page 7 of December 12, 2013 issue of Southland Express

We're taking a break over the Christmas period, as we're not able to sustain deliveries with our current volunteer base. If you know anyone who'd consider volunteering with us on the deliveries side (there are a few benefits!), then please get them to fill out the volunteer form here:

Next Wednesday will be our last delivery for 2013, with deliveries recommencing starting the 29th Jan, and are looking forward to supplying you with in-season, locally grown fresh produce from our local growers!

***Existing Customers: Please ensure you pause your Automatic Payments for this period!***

***New Customers: Please do not select a delivery date before the 29th Jan! You can create a new order in our store at any time, and payment is one week in advance, meaning the money must be in our account by close of business on 22nd Jan.***

Blessings for a great summer break, and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


The Love Local team,

Nathan, Sara, Scott and Rochelle

Launch - Press Release



Thursday31st Oct 2013

Love Local Charitable Trust Launches Fruit and Veg Box Scheme in Invercargill

Love Local is, you guessed it, a local initiative! It's a charitable trust that delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to your door. Not only that, it support low income and unwaged families by providing fresh fruit and vegetables at a subsidised rate.

Nathan Surendran, a spokesperson for the Love Local Trust board, staffed by the founding volunteers, said “The Trust was born from a group of friends wondering how to do something in Southland that would be of benefit to the community. We discussed encouraging healthy eating and fruit and veg box schemes were brought up”.

“We then found there is not a lot of fruit and vegetable grown to supply the local markets in Southland” says Mr Surendran. “The growers we have identified are pleased to find there is another route to the local market for their products; however we are always interested in hearing from more growers”. The Trust's goal is to have 50% of all produce from local producers within the first year. “It’s an ambitious target but we will be giving it our best shot” says Mr Surendran. “Longer term, we want 100% local, and this will involve more growers into the marketplace, particularly to produce over the winter months under cover.”

Love Local is a community program and is reliant on support from you as a customer, and potentially as a volunteer, or even a grower, to generate the benefit to the community that they believe possible. “When you look at the global picture, it's clear that we're not doing anything novel or controversial. There's a huge shift towards communities participating more in their local food supply, with a proliferation of food box schemes, community supported agriculture cooperatives, etc."

If you would like to buy a box on a one off or regular basis, to volunteer with Love Local – primarily to help pack and distribute boxes, or if you're a grower interested in supplying us, contact us on 03 928 5073, via email:, or fill the contact form on our website at

You are also invited to help spread the word via social media – please like and share Love Local's Facebook page at


Press: For more information contact:

Nathan Surendran of Love Local on

Phone: 03 928 5073 or 021 209 6286

Web: or


Southlanders welcome!

We're just starting out, based in and focused on Invercargill. However, we want to be able to support communities across Southland.

If you're a Southlander who would like to start and help co-ordinate a delivery route to your area / town / social club / whatever, please contact us at and we can help you to set up a run. As a thankyou, organisers / co-ordinators get a good discount on their own boxes.

We generally need at least 5 boxes for a new delivery route to be sustainable from an administration point of view. Get your friends interested!

If you want to arrange a drop-off location in town - e.g. your workplace or that of a friend who lives near you, then you're welcome to do that. Just put that address when ordering.

Name *
Please add the name of your area / town / social club to the end of the subject line:
Please include the number of boxes you have interest for, and the day that someone from your area comes into Invercargill to allow us to investigate a dropoff / pickup location. Please also include contact phone number so we can call you.

Growers welcome!

We're keen as to get local producers supplying us to give us the best shot at meeting our goal of 50% of produce from local suppliers within 1 year. However, we're still working through our management of this side of things. If you're a grower in Southland and would like to express your interest please register your interest below:

Name *
Please provide some detail on the scale of your operation - both current size, and what you'd aspire to if you could grow with us! Please provide a contact phone number.

Volunteer With Us!

I want to help by volunteering some time / skills.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a charitable trust, and we'd love your support in this way.

First and foremost, we need volunteers to help with packing our bags, and delivery runs as our volumes grow. We'd appreciate hearing from you even if just getting the word out through sharing information about us is all you can offer!

We'd also love to hear from people with skills in social media, financial administration, public relations, marketing, business administration. 

If you have some time or skills you can offer, let us know! Send us your details and availability / skills by filling in the form below: 

Name *
Let us know any specific skills you offer, and your availability. Also tell us what you are interested in doing for us. Please don't forget to include your contact phone number.