Love Local


Love Local is a charitable trust sourcing and selling seasonal fruit and vegetables. These will be sourced locally wherever possible. Customers purchase from a range of boxes for a fixed price through an on-line ordering system. If you'd like to try us out, just visit our store!

Southlanders welcome!

We're just starting out, based in and focused on Invercargill. However, we want to be able to support communities across Southland.

If you're a Southlander who would like to start and help co-ordinate a delivery route to your area / town / social club / whatever, please contact us at and we can help you to set up a run. As a thankyou, organisers / co-ordinators get a good discount on their own boxes.

We generally need at least 5 boxes for a new delivery route to be sustainable from an administration point of view. Get your friends interested!

If you want to arrange a drop-off location in town - e.g. your workplace or that of a friend who lives near you, then you're welcome to do that. Just put that address when ordering.

Name *
Please add the name of your area / town / social club to the end of the subject line:
Please include the number of boxes you have interest for, and the day that someone from your area comes into Invercargill to allow us to investigate a dropoff / pickup location. Please also include contact phone number so we can call you.