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Love Local is a charitable trust sourcing and selling seasonal fruit and vegetables. These will be sourced locally wherever possible. Customers purchase from a range of boxes for a fixed price through an on-line ordering system. If you'd like to try us out, just visit our store!

May 2018 Newsletter


The Love Local team have been busy during May.  We have celebrated turning five with the addition of many new customers. We have also attended some great events in Invercargill, such as the Community Expo and Southland Interagency Forum.  It has been fantastic to network with other like-minded agencies in Invercargill and spread the Love Local message. 

A big thank you to everyone that came along to celebrate our fifth birthday with us.  It is a fantastic milestone and wonderful to see such strong public support.  Thanks also to The Pantry for hosting us.  It is a pleasure to be able to work alongside a fellow Invercargill social enterprise.  If you are currently a Love Local customer and would like to be able to source other grocery items from a supplier that supports our community, please check out The Pantry on Grace Street.  A special thanks to Taylor Made Cakes for our yummy cake!

I would also like to acknowledge the founding trustees (Scott and Sara Westbury, Rochelle Francis and Nathan Surendran) for having the vision to establish Love Local five years ago.  It is a fantastic organisation, one that we are all proud to be involved with as well as having a great positive impact on our community.

Stay healthy!

Louise Duffy,

Operations Manager


  Founding trustee Rochelle Francis cuts the cake, celebrating 5 years!

Founding trustee Rochelle Francis cuts the cake, celebrating 5 years!

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 Trick or Treat?

The weather has certainly cooled down, and I know we human folk are inclined to ‘insulate’ ourselves with a bit more than a blankie during this season...! Obviously we can all have treats - they give us pleasure and are great for celebrating. However, it is very easy to overindulge. This month’s column includes some tips to help you be treat-wise.

Everyone has their own version of a treat...some think of a carrot as a treat as it is nourishing their body! In this column, when I use the term ‘treat’ I am referring to confectionery, baking, ice-cream and desserts. But the tips can be equally applied to all of the foods we know aren’t everyday foods.

Tips for healthier treating:

·         Save your treats for the very special occasion. There are more events and social occasions than ever. Try to be mindful of how many treats you are having.

·         Share with a friend (potentially halves the price too if you’re eating out!)

·         Savour the mouthfuls (eat a little slower) - you will find you are satisfied after eating less!

·         Ditch the guilt - if you are going to have a treat, let yourself enjoy it. This also helps with being mindful of your treat habits.

·         Have your treats when you are with friends. Try not to ‘solo treat’.

Just a wee note on the healthier treats and raw food slices and bliss balls that we are seeing more often. While there are more beneficial nutrients in these treats, they still should be regarded as treats, as they can have the same, sometimes more calories than their alternatives.

Happy treating!

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