How it works

Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables

We deliver bags of fresh fruit and vegetables, weekly (on Wednesdays). You get to choose if you would like a delivery weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The Love Local team decides on the fruit and vegetable selection, based on what is available and the best deal for our customers, which is a huge time-saver for you. You can exclude one item you don’t want to receive!

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How to order


Select your bag

Our bag options come in three sizes; small, regular and large. We also have delicious fruit bags that are a firm favourite.


Create an account

Create an account with your details. From here you will be able to log in whenever you like and take control of your subscription. You can pause it, unpause or change the frequency. Sound easy?


Choose your delivery option

This is the exciting part - we all love deliveries! We deliver to your door for a subsidised rate or you can pick up your order from one of our friendly hubs for FREE! We deliver all over Southland.


Choose your order frequency

Your bag can be delivered weekly, fortnightly, monthly. If you just want to try us out to see if we walk the talk you can create a once off order (although we know you will be hooked!)

Order your bag
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Enjoy your fresh fruit & vegetables

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