Students signing up for their Love Local fruit and vege bags at SIT O-Week.

Students signing up for their Love Local fruit and vege bags at SIT O-Week.

Welcome to the first ever Love Local newsletter.  We have decided that providing a monthly newsletter is a great way of keeping you up to date, as part of the Love Local community.  We have had a great start to 2018 and hope you have too!  Community funding has enabled us to start the year with two new staff members, Louise Duffy as Operations Manager and Shelley Smith as Service Co-ordinator.  Combining their skills and fresh ideas, along with Riki (Packaging Supervisor) and the trustees’ experience and enthusiasm, we are looking forward to a great year.  Louise and Shelley are learning the ropes and looking forward to growing Love Local, enabling us to help more people in need.

Most recently the team have been at SIT O-Week, encouraging students to sign up to eat more local fruit and vegetables.  We ran a giveaway over this period, so congratulations to Pratibha Sharma, who will this week enjoy a free vegetable bag, as our lucky winner.  As SIT is a hub for weekly drop-offs, it is cost effective and convenient for students to sign up, so spread the word to any students that you know.  

We have really enjoyed being out in our community, spreading the message that Love Local is good for you and good for our community, so be sure to let us know of any upcoming events that you would like to see us at.

We have also been fortunate to move into new premises, so are thankful to the Southland Table Tennis Association for their support in providing a venue from which to conduct our packing activities.

We hope you enjoy browsing our first newsletter and until next month – stay healthy.



Each month we will be introducing you to one of the dedicated team behind Love Local.  This month we are catching up with trustee Cam Richardson.

Where were you born?  A town literally called ‘High Point’ in North Carolina, USA.

What are your hobbies? Coming up with detailed start-up ideas, singing/guitar/drums, mountain biking, public speaking and social sports.

What is something people are surprised to find out about you? Throughout high school, I was fairly well-known because of my ability to beatbox – if you don’t know what that is… Google it!

What is your role at Love Local? I’m a trustee with my wife, Lauren, and specifically interested in the digital, scalable and marketing functions of Love Local.

How long have you been involved? One year now! Wow!

What lead you to be involved? Lauren and I have had a dream for a while now to deliver products that make healthy eating easier and cheaper. She has serious skills in nutrition and dietetics, and I like developing organisations. When we found Love Local, we knew it was a great fit!

What is the biggest challenge in being part of the Love Local team?  So many ideas and opportunities, so little time.

What is the most rewarding? We love getting a bag each week, and knowing similar bags around the city are helping people to eat more healthily, and in some cases – actually having a decent meal. That’s cool!

What is your favourite quote?  “Act local, think global.”

A FRIENDLY REMINDER for our happy and healthy customers to make sure that you leave your empty Love Local bags at your collection or drop off point on Wednesday mornings.  That way we can collect them and replace them with ones laden with fresh fruit and veges!!  Love us… love the environment.


Hey, I’m Lauren! I trained as a dietitian with the hope that I would be able to make a positive impact against this obesity epidemic we find ourselves in. That might be a bit too intense and ‘big picture’ for the average Joe, but I seriously believe making fruit and veges more affordable and available on a local scale is part of the answer! By receiving Love Local bags, you are already doing something right – together we’re eating and learning to better prepare local produce! With this brief article, I hope to share with you:

  •          Nuggets of knowledge I have gained in my research
  •          Nutrition tips that won’t break the bank
  •          A dietitian’s spin on topical issues

 As an introductory week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to let you know why you have made an excellent product choice from a dietitian’s point of view. Southlanders (and Kiwis in general for that matter) eat quite a bit of meat. In fact, if meat-eating were an Olympic sport, we would only just miss out on a podium finish. The meat itself does have good nutrients (iron, zinc, B-vitamins and protein) for us, however we do need to be mindful about how much we are eating. Meat contains a lot of saturated fat (the ‘bad’ fat that can contribute to heart disease), so eating too much can put you at risk for heart disease. There is also evidence to show eating too much meat can contribute to certain types of cancer. How much is too much? The World Health Organisation has recently recommended 455g of red meat per week – at the moment we’re eating about 3x that! I’m not saying you need to be vegan or vegetarian, but by aiming for even one or two meat free days a week, you are making a positive difference to your health. Another bonus to meat-free meals is you don’t have to worry about getting the meat out of the freezer - what a win! Hopefully you’re getting an idea about why this is such a passion point of mine. Feel free to email me with dietitian-related questions or something you’d like to know more about at lauren@lovelocal.org.nz



  • Veges are ready to go in for winter maturing. Cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli and silverbeet planted now will give you plenty to eat for the winter.
  • Time to dig your potatoes and store them for the winter.  Hessian bags make excellent storage bags as they breathe and keep the light out.
  • Fruit trees are starting to ripen. Pick the fruit before it falls or the birds will get to it before you do!


Love Local delivers locally sourced (where possible) fruit and vegetable bags to customers in Invercargill. This is super convenient and great value for our customers. Our primary charitable activity is our 'Healthy Whanau' scheme, which supports families with access to below cost fruit and vegetables.


Buying your fruit and vegetables from Love Local puts money into local businesses and provides healthier outcomes for those in our community that most need it. This will grow in proportion to your support!

If you are not a customer yet and would love to join Love Local, you can order directly from our website www.lovelocal.org.nz or phone us on (03) 928-5073.