Love Local Volunteer Wendy Bailey and Service Co-ordinator Shelley Smith at SIT O-Week. (Photo courtesy of SIT).

Love Local Volunteer Wendy Bailey and Service Co-ordinator Shelley Smith at SIT O-Week. (Photo courtesy of SIT).

February being a few days short of your average month has had me feeling like I have been on the back foot.   That is, at least until I sat down to reflect on the month and write this newsletter piece, as even with February being a short month, the Love Local team have achieved a lot.

February started off with us attending the SIT O-Week Markets.  We always enjoy attending and supporting this event, as SIT is such a large part of our community.  The excitement and enthusiasm of students either returning to, or commencing study is also rather infectious.  We had a fantastic few days spreading the Love Local message and making sure students are aware that they are entitled to low-cost fruit and vegetables, thanks to the charitable arm of our operation.


We were saddened a few months ago with the cessation of the Bluff bus service.  This was a fantastic community initiative that had also been providing a transport solution for Love Local produce to Bluff.  Pleasingly, this month we have been able to connect with Bluff Couriers, who are providing a door-to-door service to the residents of Bluff.  While there is a small charge to customers for this, we are delighted to be able to extend our support to the residents of Bluff, while supporting another local business.  The door-to-door service is an even better solution for those that may have transport or accessibility challenges.  Please help us by spreading the word to your Bluff based friends or family.

We are also excited to add another hub to our list of collection points, with the addition of Windsor Church
on Windsor Street. This is in a great location, with good parking, so is a great collection point for anyone in the Windsor area.

As we are extending our reach, this is a great time for a reminder of our core services.  Love Local is a social enterprise operated by the Love Local Charitable Trust.  We offer a retail priced delivery service, of fresh, local (where possible) produce, that now includes a meal plan and recipes each week.  Proceeds from our retail model help us to provide low-cost fruit and vegetables to residents in need.  We primarily extend the low-cost service to Community Services Card holders, but also work with other agencies in the region to extend our support to others that need it.  We are committed to growing our positive footprint across the region, so feel free to contact us if you know of agencies we should partner with, or other areas that would benefit from our service. 

We thank everyone for their support that has contributed to our success thus far.  It is pleasing to report that thanks to the support of the Southland community, this week we will celebrate a record number of bags delivered, since the creation of Love Local.  

Thanks everyone, we couldn’t do it without you!

Stay Healthy

Louise Duffy, Operations Manager



Further expansion has occurred in February, with the commencement of deliveries to Ohai and Nightcaps townships.  An approach was made to us by Honorlea Mangion, the Community Worker for the Takitimu Community Development Committee, to see if it was possible to extend our service to her area.  After researching the delivery options, we have secured ACE Couriers to provide a door-to-door service in the Ohai and Nightcaps townships.  This is a user pays service, but one that aims to ease the transport burden on Takitimu residents.  We launched the service on a grand scale, providing a shared lunch at Te Oruanui Marae in Ohai.  Approximately 30 residents of Ohai and Nightcaps attended and were treated to several different dishes that were created using the contents of our Love Local fruit and vegetable bags, utilising recipes and ideas from our meal plan and recipes service.  With raffles and giveaways, a great day was had by all.  We would like to sincerely thank Honorlea (pictured top right) for her passion for her community that has led to this great collaboration, as well as to all of the residents that have supported our launch into their area.


We would like to thank our customers who regularly leave out their empty bags for us to collect. If you have some Love Local bags around home or work to return to us, can you please leave them out at your usual drop off point.  Then we can wash and reuse them and keep sharing the love!


Vege bags.jpg

Love Local delivers locally sourced (where possible) fruit and vegetable bags to customers in Southland. This is super convenient and great value for our customers. Our primary charitable activity is our 'Healthy Whanau' scheme, which supports those in need with access to low cost fruit and vegetables.

Buying your fruit and vegetables from Love Local puts money into local businesses and provides healthier outcomes for those in our community that most need it. This will grow in proportion to your support!

If you are not a customer yet and would love to join Love Local, you can order directly from our website www.lovelocal.org.nz or phone us on (03) 928-5073.