August 2018 Newsletter


Wow, August is almost over, which means spring is just around the corner.  It has been very mild and it is a bit of a treat to see all of the early daffodils and other plants in bloom.  The early flowering has brought a great bunch of hungry tui to our yard, which we really enjoy.

While spring is a great time of year, it is a down season for many of our growers, as the last of their winter produce is harvested and they prepare their beds for the new season planting.  This seasonal variation impacts not only us, but all sellers of produce, with prices of our local goods increasing over this period, as the supply becomes more challenging.  You may notice a slight impact of this in your bags, but we will continue to do our best in providing you with a great value, wholesome selection of produce over this time.

On the operations front we have been doing a bit of work this month in rebuilding our website, so watch this space as we look forward to launching a fresh new site.  We are also spending some time thinking about how we can improve our service, and increase the appeal of Love Local across Invercargill.  We welcome your feedback, so please contact me: if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Stay healthy

Louise Duffy

Operations Manager




Would you like to reduce your food waste but don’t know where to start? There is a free online coaching course from ‘Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand’ that will take you through it step by step.

The average Kiwi family throws away the equivalent of three shopping trolley’s worth of edible food every year.  That’s a lot of food, money and resources going to waste.

This free five-week online coaching course will take you through the basics of reducing your food waste, one step at a time.  Each week you will be sent an email with easy changes you can make to reduce how much food and money you are wasting.

By the end of the five weeks you will have covered all of the major actions that you can take to reduce your food waste – from meal planning to what to do with food waste that can’t be eaten.

Visit to sign up or find out more information.

A FRIENDLY REMINDER for our happy and healthy customers to please leave any empty Love Local bags at your collection or drop-off point on Wednesday mornings.  That way we can collect them and replace them with ones laden with fresh fruit and veges!!  Love us… love the environment.

Pumpkin muffins.jpg


 Food Prep 'Life Hacks'

As Sunday night arrives, the week can appear rather daunting...if only we could add a few more precious hours! There's probably enough 'on your plate' to think about - let alone any meal preparation or planning what you are going to eat that week! 

To combat a weeknight panic, Cam and I have found ourselves taking an hour or so in the weekend to prepare food for the week ahead. Here are our favourite food prep ‘Life Hacks’:

·         Make a soup (great for lunches and dinners!)

·         Chop carrots and leave in water in the fridge (great snack or afternoon tea!)

·         Make a batch of hummus (great for sandwiches, a dip for snacks etc)

·         Roast some nuts and seeds (great for breakfast or snacks)

·         Chopped veggies (ready to be thrown into a dinner)

·         Roast vegetables (great for a work day snack or side dish/salad)

·         Cook up a batch of rice (great for dinner combos - fried rice and veggies)

·         Boiled eggs (great for a lunch/snack)

·         Portioned meat in zip lock bags in the fridge (makes a weeknight dinner less daunting!)

I would encourage you to think about what things you could prepare in the weekend to ensure you have quick meals and snacks ready to conquer your week! Believe me, it's a great feeling to know a bit of the preparation work is done already on a tired weeknight.

Feel free to email me with dietitian-related questions or if there’s something you’d like to know more about.


It is now time to clean out the glasshouse, compost bins and dig over the vege patch.  Clean out any old veges that might be harbouring slugs and snails otherwise they could attack your new plantings.  Time to tidy up the garden shed, sharpen your tools and your lawnmower might need a bit of TLC.


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Love Local delivers locally sourced (where possible) fruit and vegetable bags to customers in Invercargill. This is super convenient and great value for our customers. Our primary charitable activity is our 'Healthy Whanau' scheme, which supports Invercargill residents with access to below cost fruit and vegetables.

Buying your fruit and vegetables from Love Local puts money into local businesses and provides healthier outcomes for those in our community that most need it. This will grow in proportion to your support!

If you are not a customer yet and would love to join Love Local, you can order directly from our website or phone us on (03) 928-5073.