Our Bags

Fruit Bag

Fruit Bag

A great deal on seasonal fruit. We source the best local (where possible) seasonal fruit, so you don’t have to.


Small Bag

Small Bag

For smaller households, this bag provides the basics for a fresh, healthy diet.


Healthy Whanau Bag | $10.00

Regular Bag

Regular Bag

Our regular bag, should be suitable for a week, for a medium sized household.


Healthy Whanau Bag | $17.00

Large Bag

Large Bag

Our largest bag should be suitable for a week for a family with 2-4 children. Or why not share it with a neighbour?


Why order with us

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We support local growers, where possible, which minimises our carbon footprint and creates a more sustainable food system. As we grow, we hope to support growth in the number of sustainable producers in our local region.

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Community support

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. There are a range of tasks that volunteers assist us with, such as packing our bags, delivery runs and laundering our recyclable bags.

Healthy Whanau Bags Image

Healthy Whanau Bags

Proceeds from our delivery service makes quality fresh produce attainable for all, through our Healthy Whanau scheme, providing those in need with access to low cost fruit and vegetables.

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Make healthy eating easier

Choosing to buy your fruit and vegetables from Love Local supports Southland growers and enables us to provide low-cost fruit and vegetables to those in need in our community.