Radish and Apple Salad


·         1 bunch of radish bulbs

·         2 apples

·         1 carrot (optional)

·         1 Tbsp oil

·         1 Tbsp lemon juice

·         1 Tbsp orange juice

·         1 tsp honey

·         1-2 Tbsp grated parmesan or cheddar to serve (optional)



Slice radishes and apples into small wedges.  Grate carrot (if using).  Toss together in a bowl.  To make dressing the wet ingredients can be whisked together in any combination, such as if you don’t have lemon or orange juice, just omit and combining oil and honey together can work just as well.  Or if you don’t have fresh citrus at home you could use some bottled orange and/or lemon juice.  Drizzle over the radish and apple mixture.

The flavour of cheese and apple together is a popular combination, so you can add parmesan or cheddar, sprinkled over the top to serve.