Summer Sweetcorn Salad

2 cobs of sweetcorn

1 capsicum

½ cucumber

1 beetroot


Cut to remove kernels from sweetcorn.  Place in a bowl.  Dice capsicum and cucumber into cubes and add to the bowl.  Peel and grate raw beetroot and stir through the remaining vegetables.  The beetroot provides a sweetness and moisture to this salad, so no dressing is required.  If you have tomatoes available they can be diced and added to create a sweetcorn salsa style recipe. Avocado is also a welcome addition. If you have many mouths to feed, you could cook and add cooled rissoni to this for a vegetable/pasta salad.

It can be used as a vegetable accompaniment to tacos or wraps and also makes a great side to our vegetable fritters and fish cakes. It is also great, easy side for a BBQ meal.

corn salad.jpg