In 2013 we decided to do something good for our community.  6 years on, over ten thousand fruit and vegetable bags have been delivered across Southland.


Our Mission

At Love Local we are passionate about improving the health and well-being of our community.  We do this by encouraging local residents to eat more fruit and vegetables and less processed food.  We make great quality fruit and vegetables easily accessible with our convenient delivery service and support our customers with meal plans and recipes that utilise the produce provided.  Proceeds from our delivery service makes quality fresh produce attainable for all, through our Healthy Whanau scheme, providing those in need with access to low cost fruit and vegetables. 

A focus on community and environment guides us.  We support local growers, where possible, which minimises our carbon footprint and creates a more sustainable food system.  As we grow, we hope to support growth in the number of sustainable producers in our local region6

Every dollar you spend...or don’t a vote you cast for the world you want.
— L.N. Smith, Sunrise over Disney

We are fortunate to have the support of a number of agencies that are working alongside our community.  They use their knowledge to connect us with those in need, so we can provide them with below cost fresh fruit and vegetables (our Healthy Whanau scheme). 

We value these existing connections, but are always looking to add to these, increasing the good we do in our community.  If you work for or know of an agency that may wish to collaborate with us, please contact Louise Duffy, Operations Manager (